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Let's Make a Difference Together

Our history starts with a loss. In our community, a group of girls were assaulted and ended up dead. This loss broke our communities heart and soul. In Bolivia, the number of femicides is constantly increasing over the years.

Later on, the Uru Uru Lake was reported with the highest drought impact and contamination rate in history. These impact not only our families or beloved ones alone but our whole community, country, and world. We must have the energy to do something and change it for good.

That is when rolling our sleeves up; we started this battle. It is vast, complex, and challenging but possible. And we aren’t going to stop. We must not.

Support the development of indigenous communities through the empowerment of indigenous women, the fight for eco-social justice, and the promotion of innovation and the collaboration of sustainable projects to address climate change and its effects on our communities.

Our Impact

In Warmi Shining, we got successful examples. Our scholars got to be part of international programs, such as Youth Ambassadors, Chicas Waskiri, and LALA Academy.
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Two of them were accepted into international universities, and recently, a scholar was accepted into a high school program in Canada.
The Sweden embassy, Save The Children, and Gaia Pach Foundation awarded the Uru Uru project.
Chacha Emprende went on to establish two winning projects settled. Also, through alliances, we got strategic partnerships with a local business that started contracts with our participants and acquired their services.

Leadership Team

Our team is a compound of passionate, action-driven, and values-based amazing people who do their best to excel in our impact on our community. 

The Education and Climate Change Crisis

Education is a mighty weapon that can help to support our indigenous communities and change lives for good.

Education is a tool to transform the complex realities in indigenous communities, hit harder by climate change, gender inequality, and forced marriages.

Warmi Shining focuses on providing free integral education per year to groups of 20 indigenous girls between fourteen and sixteen years old with free English classes, leadership workshops, and volunteering activities.

It is necessary to learn from academia the most and implement the knowledge and skills we acquired. In the Uru Uru project, we combine them with indigenous communities’ traditional and ancestral knowledge. Plus, adding entrepreneurial training can boost the results and positively impact our community.

Therefore, we could embark on innovative solutions to global problems as the Uru Uru, Chacha Emprende, and Warmi Shining projects aim to do.

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